Dynamic 3D Ø 20mm Hinge

Stable and innovative hinge, the elegant balance between aesthetics and strength

The new Dynamic 3D Ø 20mm has been designed to meet the needs of door manufacturers who require a hinge with a capacity of up to 160 kg. 
Dynamic 3D Ø 20mm
  • Available for Euro 16mm slot, 20mm slot and 24mm slot 
  • Independent adjustments that can be made by one person only 
  • Adjustable in height +/- 4 mm, laterally +/- 3 mm and in depth +/- 2 mm 
  • Capacity up to 160 kg. with 2 hinges 
  • Applicable on fire doors 
  • Quick and easy assembly 
  • Wide range of finishes available and on request 
  • CE EN 1935-2002 certified 
  • Patented product

Features & Benefits

This solid and elegant hinge produced in two versions, one for 16 mm grooves and the other for 20 mm grooves, is produced with all exposed steel parts which ensure durability and applicability on fire doors is available with finishes in different colors.

Adjustable in three dimensions ( +/- 4 mm in height, +/- 3 mm horizontal and +/- 2 mm gasket pressure), with a 4mm single Allen key, this efficient hinge is notable for its quick and easy installation, thanks to the availability of a special drilling jig but also for its quality and performance when tested acheiving 200,000 movements on 160kg doors.

Dynamic 3D Ø 20 mm is composed of three rings with a single connector pin which keeps the hinges perfectly aligned and self-lubricating bushes which ensure lasting and even sliding movements over time.

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