The board of Setra descided to invest 300MSEK into a combined planer and drysorting facility at their sawmill in Hasselfors.  This to strengthen Setra's position at the global construction market and as well meet expected efficiency improvements of the operation.  The investment will help increase the level of value added products where the demand is continuously growing globally.
With the new facility in place, the unit in Hasselfors will be able to produce 320,000m3 of sawn lumber where about two thirds will be processed at the new planer mill.  The planer capacity is at 1000 meter/minute where the drysorter will make it possible to produce a bundle of planed lumber every 40 seconds.
In the very high building, the dry sawn lumber will be graded and sorted in the tray sorter before being planed into dimensional lumber and studs.  The left over products from the planer will be further processed in the two adjacent  smaller buildings, either into fuel pellets or as fuel to be used internally for heating in kilns and buildings.

Within the sawmill industry it is of tradition to build sawmill structures of  wood.  The structure is made of glulam posts and beams where the supporting roof panels are made of CLT and with internal platforms of wooden deck.  The building, about 150 meter long and 30 meter high, will be a reference object for Setra and its own production of glulam and CLT.

The building will be taken into use during the spring of 2020.

SFS was the chosen provider of fasteners for this very unique industrial structure.  Well known fasteners like WFD-T, WT-T, WFO-T and the WR-T with its 45-degree washer W45D.  As well the dowel WS-T where used and the new full threaded with cylindrical head SR-T-CH-FT.

Project highlights

Setra Trävaror AB

Main contractor
OKB Sverige

Construction and planning
Structor Örebro AB


Hasselfors, Sweden